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Chikaisora - Sannensei nanoni~

9 May
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Hi ! :D LJ's name is chikaisora but call me Indy. Chikaisora is just because I had no inspiration for the name of this LJ and I was listening to Yabu's solo : Chikai no sora. And as you can see, I forgot the "no" \o/

I'm 20, lives in a little town not far from Paris, FRANCE. I'm a college student who finished the "first cycle" of college : English & Japanese. And now I will only study English =] SO sorry for my fail!English D: I love : chocolate, guys in suit, my computer (even if I want to throw it sometimes...), my piano, my brothers and my parents, my cousin, my friends~ I hate fish, green snakes, spiders and hm... waking up early to go to college ? XD
In this LJ, you'll find the old translations I made of Hey Say Jump articles. My new translations will be posted on the community itsumademo ^^ (just click on the links above !)I must say I'm not in the HSJ fandom so don't really expect me to post about them a lot~ But I still translate things so that I can practice my Japanese =]

Otherwise, I love NEWS which is my favorite JPop/JE group ever =] Yamapi, Ryo and Koyama are three guys I really love :D But I also listen to HSJ, Arashi, GReeeeN, anime music... I also love Beast <3 And Big Bang =] I'm also a HP fan :D Anyway, if you want to be friends, feel free to post on my intro ;)

Hands off! BACK OFF! Go away; SHOO!
[Koyama Keiichiro] is M.I.N.E!
And there's {NOTHING} you can do about it~

Bio ? Hm, under construction 8D